Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quakering Theology

ESR professor David Johns has an article,"Quakering Theology: Manifesting Our Convictions in the World Today," in the latest issue of Western Friend. Below is an excerpt:

"I am interested in Quaker-ing theology—how we add a Quaker texture to Christian thinking. This is a process of leaving fingerprints all over conversations about faith.

"[W]hen we are Quakering theology rather than building a Quaker theology we are involved in a conversation much larger than our group alone. It requires we maintain openness to the ideas and ways of being of others; but more than openness, it requires we listen and develop a deep familiarity as well. It means recognizing that honest engagement with other communities of faith will challenge us and call us to change individually and as a movement. Quakering implies entering the conversation in meaningful ways, adding a certain texture or quality to it carrying the life and experience of Friends. This does not come easy; it needs time, life, and love."

You can read the full article here: http://westernfriend.org/quakering-theology-manifesting-our-convictions-in-the-world-today/

 David Johns is a graduate of ESR and the School's Associate Professor of Theology.

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