Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New student introduction - Angela Roesler

Our incoming class for the 2013-14 academic year is just beginning to take shape. We're excited to introduce to you some of our new students who will be joining us for the fall semester. Today's featured student is Angela Roesler, who is an MDiv Access student from Indianapolis, IN:

Hello!  My name is Angela (Nevitt) Roesler, and I'm thrilled to be starting graduate studies at ESR in the Fall.

In terms of religious tradition, I am essentially a "cradle Catholic" (although technically I was baptized Methodist... so the "cradle" truth is a tiny bit stretched there!)  In any case, my childhood religious formation occurred in the Catholic Church; it was there I had my first communion and confirmation, and it was in the context of Catholic Mass that I fell in love with the Gospel and the ritual of our liturgy.  As a pre-teen I became one of the first altar girls in a very conservative diocese in Illinois, and I was very proud of this!!  This step represented a small stride in terms of gender equality in Catholic tradition - an opportunity made possible by the work of generations before me (and a fantastic priest) - something I could not fully appreciate as a child, but for which I am very grateful now.

I have been long interested in theological study, and I've investigated several Catholic seminaries over the years but none have felt quite right to me.  Just this past Spring, a friend introduced me to ESR, and I simply fell in love.  While visiting campus, I sat in on an Intro to New Testament class (where the dynamic was fascinating), and I attended a prayer service where I was struck by the rhythm of the selected readings and hymns followed by the silence - it was powerful and lovely.  In the end, one of the reasons I chose ESR was to expose myself regularly to diversity of religious thought and spiritual tradition in an academic setting, and both the class and the prayer service validated a somewhat intangible experience I had been waiting for - the one that told me, "yep, this is the place."

I envision my primary emphasis being in Pastoral Care, with keen interest in connecting spirituality with holistic health-caring.  I currently work for the Sisters of St. Francis managing the Oldenburg Franciscan Center where my role is to help implement best business practices to grow and sustain a long-term retreat ministry.  I also help develop programs - including our Jungian psychology and compassionate companioning program (the latter being a new project in the works!), and I facilitate spiritual autobiography workshops and a Franciscan film & discussion series.

I am bilingual (Spanish), a poet, a pianist, and above all other things I am the privileged mother of a darling 7 year old son.  We both love nature, art, kid adventure movies (especially fantasy & sci-fi), singing, dancing, and I marvel every day at the way his mind develops!  

Although I'll be an Access student (from Indianapolis), I look forward to meeting the rest of you and hope to frequently participate in the ESR community in person.  I thank the many students and staff who have already reached out to be supportive and welcoming to me!  That's been invaluable!  I'll see you in the Fall!  

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