Thursday, September 26, 2013

Community, Knowledge, and Peace

Wilmington College Senior and Quaker Heritage Center Staff Isaac Garrison invites you to join the College for their annual Westheimer Peace Symposium:

Community, knowledge, and peace.  These are the concepts that appear together on campus when the Westheimer Peace Symposium is upon us.  The Westheimer Peace Symposium has been a remarkable event on the Wilmington College campus for the past twenty-two years.  The Symposium has brought together people from all over to learn about nonviolence, social justice, the environment, and the nature of war.  Westheimer also gives students the opportunity to learn how to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

  (Lisa Shannon, 2013 Guest Presenter)

Community is an important feature of the Westheimer Peace Symposium that one will not find at many other events.  Westheimer teaches members of the Wilmington College campus and the off campus community the importance of coming together for the greater good. It bridges the gap between people, allowing them to have discussions that would not be carried on in everyday life. When we see two people talk about what is really important in the world, we are seeing community in action.
Knowledge is a foundation that The Westheimer Peace Symposium gives to attendees.  Westheimer gives people the chance to learn about things, experiences, and movements that one would have to try to find.  It gives people a time to ask questions and think about what they can truly do to make a difference in the world.  The theme for the 23rd annual Westheimer Peace Symposium on Wednesday, October 16, is “Africa’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Nonviolent Solutions” ( and, in the hope that it will give everyone the opportunity to see beyond what the media tell us is going on in Africa.  Students and members of the public will be able to hear people from different backgrounds tell what is going on in Africa and how we can help.

  (Chris Abani, 2013 Guest Presenter)

Wilmington College’s commitment to peace is why we have the Westheimer Peace Symposium.  Peace comes alive on the day of the event.  People can feel the presence of peace all around them.  Knowing that there are others out there who help make this world a safer place brings a sense of serenity.  Peace is strong on the Wilmington College campus and we use the Westheimer Peace Symposium as a tool tie in community and knowledge. 

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