Monday, August 11, 2014

A Reflection on Intermountain Yearly Meeting's 2014 Annual Gathering

ESR student Tracy Davis of Durango Friends Meeting shares her thoughts about Intermountain Yearly Meeting's 2014 Annual Gathering in Haiku form:


Dear Friends, read this now
about the yearly meeting
Sixth Month of ‘14

from New Mexico,
Colorado and Utah,                                   
Arizona, too

Idaho, Texas
don’t forget South Dakota
Unprogramm’d Quakers

Intermountain  Friends
gather’d  at The Ghost Ranch
sandstone and sunshine

early-days  retreat
on courage and renewal
discerning clearness 

Young Friends held in Light
in a YAF and OAF fishbowl
moving all our hearts

worship sharing morn
noon laughter-sharing lunchtime
evening dance and song

promote ESR
in wider Quaker  fam’ly
“Come and join your school!”

dinosaur display
a weaving exhibition
Georgia O’Keefe art

woman for justice
in the prisons of Britain
Elizabeth Fry

shocking Dirty Wars
our country causing damage
secret violence

with A.F.S.C.
F.C.N.L. Quaker Vision:

full-moon friendly chat
an intimate connection
peace philosophy

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  1. Thanks, Tracy, for a lovely glimpse of IYM's annual sessions!