Friday, June 17, 2011

Travel Interlude

Dear f/Friends,

From June 16 to July 3rd, the majority of the ESR faculty will be traveling to Kenya and Rwanda.  (I am leaving tomorrow on the 18th.)  Please pray for us, our safe travel, and for illuminating experiences for both us and the people we will be visiting.  We ask all of our Master of Divinity/Master of Ministry students to take cross-cultural trips that allow them to explore theology in a very different context.  We're taking a "dose of our own medicine" (actually, for this trip it's more vaccines . . . lots and lots of vaccines), expanding our own experience of Quakerism, and delving into new cultural contexts!

As you might have noticed, our blog posting has slowed down somewhat as the semester has ended here and this trip will continue that trend.  You'll hear from some of our alumni and current students on Yearly Meeting annual sessions while we're gone.  When we return we will be sure to share our thoughts and impressions from this trip.

Valerie Hurwitz

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