Friday, June 3, 2011

Young Adult Friends Gathering Video Series–The Epistle

By Micah Bales

This video is the ninth in a series put together from footage and interviews taken during the 2010 Young Adult Friends Gathering in Wichita, Kansas. This gathering took place over the 2010 Memorial Day Weekend and was perhaps the most diverse and balanced YAF gathering in generations. Roughly equal numbers of Liberal-Unprogrammed, Pastoral and Evangelical Friends were in attendance, along with a small number of Conservative Friends.

In this video, we hear from one of the members of the YAF 2010 Epistle Committee about the Spirit-led process of composing a statement for the gathered body of Young Adult Friends from across North America.

Make sure to check out the YAF 2010 Epistle, which is available on the Gathering’s the official website, where you can also find the advance materials that Friends were asked to use in their preparation for the conference.

Micah BalesMicah Bales serves as Coordinator of Young Adult Engagement at ESR. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Faith Kelley. He is active with Capitol Hill Friends and is a member of Rockingham Friends Meeting, Ohio Yearly Meeting.

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