Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Student Introduction

We're excited to introduce to you some of our new students that will be joining us for the 2012-13 school year. Today's featured student is Danny Coleman, who is a new Access student from Edmonds, WA.

My name is Danny Coleman.  I am a progressive Christian Quaker.  I am about to turn 50 and have been a follower of Jesus since my early 20's, but only became a Quaker about 5 years ago.  My interests are theology, history and music.  My idea of a good time is reading N.T. Wright or Walter Wink or Richard Horsley or John Woolman while plinking a ukulele.  I also have a keen interest in Christian mysticism--from the desert monastics to the Cappadocian fathers to the Catholic mystics to Ignatius of Loyola to George Fox and beyond.  I grew up in Denver but now live in Seattle with my wife Carla and dog Yoshi.  Our son lives in Germany and is a laser physicist.  I love to teach and to write and have a desire to deepen my knowledge of Quakerism, theology in general and scripture.  I am particularly interested in how the theological stories we live in shape our view of the world and our attitudes towards and interactions with God and people.  I think Friends have a message that is both profound and profoundly relevant for these times.

You can read more of my story here:

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