Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Emma Churchman: Working the 7 Deadly Sins Into Your Business

ESR graduate Emma Churchman describes herself as "a business mentor with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills." In her latest blog series, she explores the concept of the "7 Deadly Sins" and urges us to "
actually look at what has stereotypically been called the 'shadow' side of your power – via the framework of the 7 Deadly Sins – as a way to motivate you towards a beautiful outcome in your business." Below is a preview of her first two posts in the series:

Embracing Desire

The only force that is as powerful as our need for survival is DESIRE. Unfortunately, we’ve been taught by all kinds of “spiritual authorities” for thousands of years that desire is wrong.

We’re taught that we should be grateful for what we have. We shouldn’t want more, but be satisfied with our lives. This is especially true when our lives are pretty good.

There is nothing wrong with having a gratitude practice. Gratitude is beautiful!

If we practice gratitude in order to make ourselves feel better because we don’t think we can attain greater abundance, or we don’t think we deserve an even more abundant life, then suddenly having a gratitude practice causes us to settle. It creates a limitation.

“It could be worse” is not a reason to stay where we are!

Desire has really not been okay for us. We have been taught that really wanting more for ourselves is not okay.

Wanting more – more money, more fun, more sex, more freedom – all of this has been deemed greedy, irresponsible, selfish and self-centered.

So we actually have a habit of squishing our own desires into submission because we have a lot of voices in our heads judging us for wanting more. We have a bad habit of keeping a very firm lid on the most powerful force for change in our lives – desire.

Here’s the dirty little secret of humanity – deep down we all want more! We just don’t let ourselves admit it.

So how do we fully tap into our desire to generate better results for ourselves and our businesses?

Our divine nature and the nature of the Divine is for more life, more creation – that is what we are here for and that is our nature.

You can read more from Emma's post here: https://emmachurchman.com/embracingdesire/

Cultivating the Deadly Sin of Pride in Your Business

Pride is a great motivator and you channel it productively by getting new results. The healthy way to utilize pride in propelling your business forward is to prove people wrong through your results.

Exercise: When pride becomes activated within you, get clear on what result you could create that would break that rule in a positive way for my life/business. Then go achieve it, and let your result speak for itself!

You can read more from Emma's post here: https://emmachurchman.com/deadlysinpride/

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