Thursday, March 23, 2017

Emma Churchman: Working the 7 Deadly Sins Into Your Business, Part II

ESR graduate Emma Churchman describes herself as "a business mentor with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills." In her latest blog series, she explores the concept of the "7 Deadly Sins" and urges us to "actually look at what has stereotypically been called the 'shadow' side of your power – via the framework of the 7 Deadly Sins – as a way to motivate you towards a beautiful outcome in your business." Below is a preview of the four next posts in her series:

Wrath, or Anger – can be an incredibly powerful force, because it represents passion. And passion can help us move past resistance. As we’ve explored in previous blogposts moving past your resistance is absolutely critical for your success as a conscious entrepreneur.
Your anger has to move you towards your goals – because it is really destructive to just hold anger in your own body. Folks who hold anger often experience symptoms like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, weight gain, migraines, and general body tension.
The beautiful thing about being a conscious entrepreneur is that you have the capacity to feel your emotions, and the emotions of others, exquisitely, but then it’s as easy to allow all of these emotions to get stuck in your body, especially anger!
So, how do you utilize anger in a healthy, productive way to reach your goals?
The most important shift I made for myself and my business is recognizing that money is simply another form of energy, and that money is what helps to create value for what I offer. I also had to recognize that I am infinitely abundant and that being in full alignment with the Universe means welcoming abundance.
In the universe the concept of free does not exist, because we are each infinitely abundant and part of our divine nature is to desire more. When we do not allow ourselves to desire more, we actually stifle our own growth and capacity.
So, in that paradigm it’s actually quite important that you have an open and positive relationship to abundance and money.
How do you cultivate your relationship to money, and to desiring more abundance in a healthy way?
In our shared history, countless people have gotten killed over lust. Wars have been fought. Battles have ensued. Our dysfunctional relationship to lust has caused a lot of trauma in our world.
As conscious entrepreneurs, we must reclaim a healthy relationship to lust.
What is lust, really?
Lust. Desire. Excitement. Hunger. Longing. Thirst. Urge.
Lust is a passionate sense of desire. And desire, just to review, is exactly what will help you move past resistance. That is the WHOLE point of why I am doing this blog series on the 7 Deadly Sins and how to cultivate them for good in your business.
You must tap into your desire to enable yourself to move through and past your resistance.
Ah, envy, the thing our mothers told us we should never do.
When I finally decided to take myself seriously in my own business there was one particular female entrepreneur I was incredibly envious of. She has grow her business to 7 figures, she was a psychic, like me, and only seemed to do what she loved in her business. She talked about having $30k sales months and owning two homes like it was no big deal.
She talked about things like taking yourself out for a $20 glass of wine at a fancy hotel to put yourself into an up-leveled vibration. I kept thinking, but I could buy an entire meal for two people with $20.
Yet, there was a shadow part of me that REALLY, and I mean REALLY, wanted to be in the vibration she was upholding – to have that freedom of choice and expression and to not worry so much all the time about paying basic bills.
Envy can really inspire us. When we see something beautiful or see someone who has the success we desire it’s natural to want it for ourselves.

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